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1. The Aryans dedicated whole of a separate Mandala in Rig-Veda for the hymns dedicated to __?
2. Which of the following was not a diety of the Harappans? 
3. How much districts are there in Punjab?
4. G-15 is an economic grouping of
5. The rulers of which among the following dynasties adopted the title Devaputra ? 
6. Gujarat-based industrial groups are set to invest Rs.20,000 crore in which state?
7. GNLF stands for
8. For seeing objects at the surface of water from a submarine under water, the instrument used is
9. Which of the following is the most common motif of the Indus Seals ? 
10. Who identified “Sandrokottus” of the Greco-Roman literature with Chandragupta Maurya ? 
11. One of the writers of the Dharmashashtra disapproved the practice of Sati declaring it as an act of suicide. Identify him from the given options:
12. Nalanda is located at
13. Which among the following Kushana king adopted the epithet Dharma-thida? 
14. If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in metre, then the work done is expressed in
15. Pali texts, who among the following is referred to as Nigantha N?taputta? 
16. Vallabhi era is identical with which of the following era? 
17. Which among the following is an extant Shaka of the Rigveda Samhita? 
18. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?
19. Which among the following is the most unique feature of Dholavira site of the Indus Valley Civilization?
20. In which of the following inscriptions Ashoka made his famous declaration, “All men are my children”? 
21. Dr. Zakir Hussain was
22. Among the following is the correct set of the plays written by Harshavardhan in Sanskrit? 
23. At which among the following sites of Indus Valley Civilization, the rows of distinctive fire altars with provision of ritual bathing have been found ? 
24. Who among the following laid down for punishment for a person becoming mendicant without making adequate provision for dependent wife and children? 
25. India's first ocean wave's energy project was launched in
26. Which one of the following places was a mint centre of the Yaudheyas ? 
27. In the Rigvedic Dasrajan Yudha (Battle of Ten Kings) the Bharatas emerged winner at the bank of __? 
28. Excessive secretion from the pituitary gland in the children results in
29. Fa-Hien was
30. India's first Technicolor film ____ in the early 1950s was produced by ____
31. The king was the ruler of all except Brahamanas”. This was the view of __? 
32. The Satapatha Brahmana and Taitriya Brahmana are the Brahmana texts of ___: 
33. How many teeth does a normal adult dog have?
34. India's first satellite is named after
35. The beneficiaries of Asoka’s donations in the region of Barabar Hill were__? 
36. The Boghazkoi inscription was discovered in __? 
37. The last Mauryan ruler, who was killed by his Commander-in-Chief was
38. King Ashvapati of the Upanishadic Age was the ruler of which among the following Kingdoms? 
39. Who among the following was the author of Abhidhamma treatise Kathavatthu?
40. Garuda was adopted as dynastic emblem after the imperial Guptas by ___? 
41. Which among the following Vakataka ruler performed all the seven sacrifices viz. Agnishtoma, Aptoryama, Ukthya, Shodasin, Atiratra, Vajapeya, Brihaspatisava.
42. How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan?
43. Fathometer is used to measure
44. Which among the following is known as the earliest example of Panchayatana style of temple? 
45. With which among the following Vedas, the Shatapatha Brahmana is related to___? 
46. Who among the following was a lady Alvar Saint
47. Which of the following musical instruments is / are composite or Indo-Islamic in origin ? 
48. Which of the following Harappan towns is divided into three parts ? 
49. Headquarters of UNO are situated at
50. Light Year is related to
51. With which among the following places, the twenty third Jain Tirthankara was associated? 
52. Who among the following was the 23rd Jain Tirthankara ? 
53. According to the beliefs of the Pasupata sect, Siva is the lord of Pasu. Pasu here refers to __? 
54. Which among the following kings was also known as Mamallan (great wrestler)? 
55. Among the five monolithic rathas of Pallavas at Mahabalipuram, the largest is ___? 
56. Parnadatta was appointed the Provincial Governor of Saurashtra by __? 
57. For which among the following offenses, Manu recommended higher punishment to Brahamans than the persons of other varnas? 
58. The first Indian state to offer a Wage Compensation Scheme for pregnant women working in the tea gardens of the state is:
59. India's first atomic reactor was
60. Who among the following was the first Satavahana King to introduce the Ruler’s head on the coins ? 
61. Who among the following succeeded Samudragupta as the next ruler of Gupta Dynasty ? 
62. Kolleru Pelicanary situated at Elluru, Andhra Pradesh has reserves of
63. Who among the following was the ruler of Kanchi during the time of Samudragupta ? 
64. Who among the following invented Zero?
65. Free surface of a liquid behaves like a sheet and tends to contract to the smallest possible area due to the
66. Robert Bruce Foote, who discovered first Palaeolithic tools in India, was originally ___? 
67. Where and when was the second Buddhist council held? 
68. On August 1, 2003, the total strength of India's armed forces approximate to
69. The earliest evidence of rice cultivation comes from which among the following valleys? 
70. In which among the following sacrifices, the sacrificial materials used was sura in Vedic Era? 
71. First International Peace Congress was held in London in
72. East Timor, which became the 191st member of the UN, is in the continent of
73. Which among the following places has given the earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian Subcontinent? 
74. Which of the following Upanishads is written in prose ? 
75. In which season do we need more fat?
76. Metronymics were borne by the later rulers of which among the following dynasties? 
77. In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?
78. In which year, terrorists crash two planes into New York's World Trade Centre on September 11 in a sequence of destruction?
79. The following is (are) the non-renewable resources
80. The cotton cloth worn by Indians had a brighter white colour than any cotton found elsewhere. This view was recorded by __? 
81. The Mahasamghika School arose at which among the following places? 
82. A narrow channel of sea which separates two land masses is known as
83. Which among the following places have given the earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian subcontinent? 
84. Mother Teresa received the Magsaysay Award in 1962 in the area of
85. Judicature (High Court) of Rajasthan is at
86. India participated in Olympics Hockey in
87. That the homeland of the Aryans was Arctic Region, was propounded by ___? 
88. Microphone is used to convert
89. India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.
90. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched
91. Who was the priest of the Bharatas in the battle of Ten Kings ? 
92. Which among the following Gupta emperors called himself “Lichchhavi-dauhitra”? 
93. As per Asoka’s inscriptions, which among the following place was declared tax free and proclaimed only 1/8th part as taxable?
94. INS Venduruthy is located at
95. The process of entering all transactions from the Journal to Ledger is called
96. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? Sakiyas ?Kapilvastu Koliyas ?Ramagrama 
97. In which of the following years, the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15 (under Article 23)?
98. ICAO stands for
99. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
100. Free market is

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