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Get Started with our Career Counseling Services, Expert advice from career counselors can do wonders for students who are confused about their career path. Online career help from AdmissionGuru empowers candidates with the latest career updates and inspire confidence in their decisions.

Get Counselled by Experts ! Our counselors are trained and certified to help you choose a career path you’re most likely to be happy and successful in.

Career Planning from AdmissionGuru :

Career counseling help students to be more sure about their career option, interests, ability and personality. It is really essential for students to have complete knowledge and understanding of the available courses and their interests as it’s a matter of life. This also helps the student feel more responsible and act as an effective part of the decision-making process. The goal of Career Counseling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions.

Why Career Counseling is Required?

1. Career Exploration :

AdmissionGuru orients each candidate to plan their career goals. The online career counselors educate them about new age careers and the scope of those careers. In comparison to their peers, those availing online career help from AdmissionGuru also get access to real life interviews of professionals and their career case studies.

2. Know Yourself :

AdmissionGuru takes an online assessment where it uses psychometric career assessment tools to map a candidate’s aptitude, interests and personality traits. This way, it helps a student to discover their real potential and maximize the use of their inherent talent.

3. Find the Right Career Fit :

AdmissionGuru’s online career guidance guides towards suitable career choices, aligns career goals and potential with these options and helps a candidate take a good decision.

4. Find the Right Subject/ Stream :

AdmissionGuru also helps you in selecting the right subjects, streams or courses. The online career counseling experts also help in planning, shortlisting and preparing for relevant entrance exams.

5. Colleges Selection and Applications :

For those struggling with admission procedures and applications, AdmissionGuru online career help provides all the necessary guidance. One can stay updated about various entrance exam deadlines and application admission dates with timely email and SMS alerts.The online career counseling experts help in preparing a list of dream colleges and a backup list of colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re in Class 10-12, the counseling session will last for 60 minutes. If you’re in Class 11-12, the session will last for 90 minutes. If you’re in college or a working professional, your session will go on for 2 hours.

The counseling session is a part of our one-time investment fee and varies for different grades. Contact us to get this details

Our offline sessions take place in Kolkata Office at our counseling centers.

The counselor will recommend courses for you. We have a repository of colleges and universities in India and abroad on the website for you to go through and choose from.

The counselor can only recommend what kind of jobs you should pursue, but finding the right job is up to you.

One counseling session is all it takes for you to figure out which career path you’re meant to follow. If you’re not satisfied with one session, you could get in touch with us and set up another one, based on your requirement.

Career counseling with AdmissionGuru is a pleasant and successful experience for students who are at the crossroads of finalizing the correct career move.

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